QR code technology made a comeback in the payment space, and is now a dominant force in many parts of the world. More and more physical retail markets see QR code payments as a viable path toward faster, cost effective and more secure payments. QR code payments also offer a better payment experience for consumers and value added services capabilities.

Provide faster and more convenient access/payments, accelerate ticket handling, prevent fraud, reduce cash handling and losses from theft/human error, improve customers experience offering co-branding and promotion opportunities and generate efficiency gains in events, sports, leisure and transport ticketing. RFID can identify and track all kinds of commodities, increase logistics efficiency, manage inventory with accuracy, prevent losses and interact with clients inside stores.

LED products are an eye-catching and innovative way to create a unique atmosphere to your event and a great tool to promote your brand. From products that react to sound, movement to electronically controlled, you can create any desired colour mix or effects to make your event glow. Add your and your sponsors brand to an outstanding selection of giveaway LED products, and make your next marketing/branding campaign a huge success.

Providing food & beverage products with high quality standards using our local/global partnerships and network, we pride our selves by working with only the finest overseas suppliers. We search the world for “best in class” products that stand out for their unique design, superior quality ingredients and exceptional flavours, delivering them to our customers.